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Winner of our 6 week challenge!

I participated in the 6 week challenge. Deedee shared a lot of information to get me on the right path to start my weight loss journey. Although no weight loss program is easy it requires work and dedication to want to make the necessary changes in your life to allow the weight loss process. Deedee motivated me and provided feedback if I needed to make a change. Deedee provided enough information to allow me to make a lifestyle change and to continue my journey on my own now that the program has ended.I am proud to say because of Deedee’s program I am half way to my goal weight. Thank you Deedee I appreciate your time and dedication!


Lashonda C.








I started 8 months ago with DeeDee. I had been going to physical therapy for my neck and back pain but after 2 months with DeeDee I was able to completely stop my physical therapy.  DeeDee started me off slow with a workout plan that was designed personally for me.  After the 2 months, my neck and back pain where gone. We started focusing on weight loss and strength training and in a short time I could do things that I was never able to do before, like a simple push up, wall sit, squats, plank etc…

I have a real sugar addiction with sweet deserts and Dee Dee teaches me healthy habits with eating. Not only does she help me physically, she also helps mentally. She calls it a Mental Mastery for a whole-body transformation inside and out.  DeeDee’s personality and her drive for helping people keeps me coming back for at least another year to get my desired body transformation.


Rasha A.









I just want to say the last 6wks been really fun and informational DeeDee Dixon-Pearl YOU rock I love how YOU inspire people to be healthier (eatandexcerise). EVERYONE looks good and I know y’all feel it lol don’t get sick on eating all that good/No good food LMBO. I REACHED MY GOAL, GO ME!!!!!! LOL LOVE yall


Alberta D.






Joining DeeDee’s fitness challenge classes were a no brainer for me.  I joined not because I wanted to be in a weight loss competition, but because I knew that in time and with DeeDee’s training I would get the results I wanted.  I worked out with DeeDee in the past and stopped for personal reasons. Back in January when I learned of her weight loss challenge I was

super excited.  I have continued on since January and I love it.  Talking with DeeDee about do’s and don’ts has helped me tremendously.  I have been going strong since January and one thing I know is that it takes time, dedication, and mental preparation. 

 If you are looking for results and are willing to put in the time and work, DeeDee is your TRAINER!!!…. speaking from experience you will NOT be sorry.


Felicia S.







I’ve participated in DeeDee’s Hip Hop Dance classes for years. The classes where fun and energetic. I lost weight but needed more help to lose 30 pounds.  I started personally training with DeeDee and nothing has been more helpful and rewarding. Her knowledge of nutrition and weight loss along with strength training has been just what I needed to lose the last 30 pounds.  DeeDee can be tough but she designs her training to fit you. I am now 20 pounds down, I have more energy and confidence. I can’t wait to see the ending results.


Kaleeha S.