Personal Training Springfield IL

What makes us so special?


The one on one Training

180 Fitness doesn’t just focus on cardio because we know you want to tone up. We don’t focus on just weights, we know you don’t want to get bulky, so we marry the two into a 60% Cardio 40% Strength split. This allows us to help you lose weight AND tone up. Not only that, the workout structure changes to tabata, to obstacle training, to a cardio mix to fit your specific need. This is exactly the change that keeps people excited to come back every day!

The Contests
It’s easy to lose motivation after a few weeks of eating veggies and drinking water. That’s why we have contests EVERY 4 months. Every 4 months you get a chance to win money just by doing your best with nutrition and exercises. This keeps our clients motivated and ensures success. Moreover, we keep records to make sure that you know exactly how your body is changing.

This program is great and the workouts are fun, but NOTHING will replace great nutrition habits. That’s why we don’t leave you to fend for yourself. Our fitness records update your required calories and we keep each other accountable by connecting you to your trainer using MyFitnessPal. A food journaling application that allows us to see how you’re eating in real time.


180 Fitness knows that weight loss can sometimes be a struggle. We are committed to helping you with that struggle.
Thank you for your business!.