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180 Fitness Class Schedule

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Effective January 2018


180 Fitness Class Schedule
January 2018
(See all class descriptions below)
Monday       5:30am –  6:15am     (Dee)            FitBurn2/Legs Booty Abs
Monday       6:00pm – 6:45pm    (Squirt)        Circuit Training
Monday       7:00pm – 7:45pm     (Squirt)         MFAST
Tuesday       5:30am – 6:15am      (Dee)            Tabata Abs
Tuesday       6:00pm – 6:45pm    (Dee)            Hip Hop Step
Tuesday       6:45pm –  7:30pm    (Dee)            Flexibility stretching
Wednesday 4:55pm –   5:25pm    (Dee)            Flexibility Stretching
Wednesday 5:25pm –  5:55p        (Dee)            Cardio Drumming (starts February 21st)
Wednesday 7:00pm – 7:45pm     (Squirt)        Bootcamp
Thursday     5:30am – 6:15am      (Dee)            Circuit Training w/ small weights
Thursday     6:45pm – 7:30pm     (Dee)            Hip Hop Dance Fitness
Thursday     7:30pm – 8:30pm     (Everet)       Youth Hip Hop (Critical Ambition)
Saturday     8:30am –   9:15am      (Dee)            FitBurn2/Legs Booty Abs
Saturday     9:15am –   9:45am     (Dee)            Flexibility Stretching
Saturday   10:00am   10:45am      (Squirt)        MFAST




Class Description                           

To reduce the risk of injury, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise

Tabata Circuit Training with small weights – This Tabata style workout will take you to your maximum heart rate.  The objective of this workout is not to rest in between exercises so that it will give you that continuous after burn 48-72 hours after the workout. Class level – (All Levels)

MFAST – Mental Focus and Strength Training- weight training while holding various positions and training the body to follow the mind. Toning, strength building supplemental muscles, tendon and ligament strength. Class level – (All Levels)

Bootcamp – Design to build strength and fitness through a variety of intense group intervals class level – (I,A)

FitBurn –   Nonstop cardio to burn maximum calories, this class will get your heart rate up with different variations of exercise. Class level – ( I,A)

Hip Hop Step aerobics – Using a platform step to step up and down, be ready to burn some major  calories. Have fun listening and dancing to your favorite urban music (All Levels)

Active and flexible Stretching – stimulate your muscles to improve the muscles elasticity and achieve more flexibility. (All Levels)

All Tabata Abs – Fat blasting Ab workout that targets upper, lower and oblique’s . In between each interval you’ll have 10 seconds of active rest to give you that lasting after burn (All Levels)

Hip Hop Dance Fitness–  Dance and fitness = calories burned! Do you like to dance? This class is fun fitness cardio with low/high dance fitness moves to burn major calories (All Levels)

Legs Booty and Abs – Booty Day is always the best day! This class concentrates on toning your legs, lifting/firming your gluts, targeting your abs for fast results (All Levels)

Fitburn 2   15 minute Fitburn combined with 20 minute full body training is guaranteed to challenge your body for the maximum calorie burn. (All Levels)

Cardio Drumming  A full Body cardio, that is an infectious energy and sweat from imitation of playing the drums.

Class Levels                          All levels

                                                  Intermediate (I)

                                                  Beginners (B)

                                                  Advance (A)